Experimental Filmmaking Mastery Journal

For this month, I created a poetic documentary based on Songs of Solomon. I selected key verses from chapter 1 to chapter 8 to compose a full poem. In the beginning, I was solely focused on the performance. I already knew the tone, rhythm, and cadence I wanted for the poem. I also had an idea for the males voice. I needed someone who could interpret the material and sound as natural as possible. The area I lacked in the most was the visuals. I was unsure of what I could capture that would compliment the performance. Aside from the male voices overs, I initially planned to include two actors, a man and a woman. I would have them seated across from each other at a table, and with each shot, the actors would have different blockings. I also wanted the actors to be shot in a silhouette. However, I thought about some of the challenges I could potentially face getting physical actors. The visuals that I ended up pitching in class consisted of the nature and aspects of a woman’s features, such as the neck, hair, and lips. With much thought, I didn’t think that the woman’s physical features would be beneficial to the film. I thought it would interfere with the continuity, so I changed directions. I wanted all of the visuals to be of the nature. Getting the footages was the easiest part, the challenge that I was faced with was seeking male voice over actors. Once I was able to get over that issue, I then realized that the vision I had was no longer working. The male voice-over actor I had didn’t quite suit the piece. As a result, I ended up relying on my voice over for the entire poem. With all of these changes, my hopes for this film started to decrease, but as I started to edit my project I could see it’s beauty. As a result, what I ended up creating was far more simple than what I had planned, and I am pleased with my results. My film came out to be artistic and beautiful. Though I had some stumbling blocks, I thoroughly enjoyed this process, and it challenged me to constantly create. One of the key things I learned is that it’s easy to exclude and diminish other ideas that are apart from our initial ones. If I would’ve submitted to this mindset, my film would have never come out the way that it did. I am excited to say that my objective was achieved. 

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My name is Michaela Miller, I attend Full Sail University and I'm enrolled into the film production masters program.

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